Using the Popless Systems

Microphone Protection
Whether you are using one or two acoustic screens, the VAC™ system helps protect your valuable microphone while permitting up close mic techniques to take advantage of the proximity effect. Correct placement of the acoustic screens in front of the mic keeps the vocalist from getting too close to the mic and acts as a spit guard. This helps protect the mic's sensitive diaphragm and electronics from overloading and from damage caused by moisture.

When to Use 1 or 2 Screens and How Far Apart?

1 Screen

  • Vocalist with none or very small amounts audible popping or sibilance
  • Most acoustically transparent setting due to minimal filtering action

2 Screens spaced close together

  • Vocalist with some noticeable popping or sibilance
  • When one screen lets through to much popping or sibilance

2 Screens spaced far apart

  • Vocalist with pronounced popping or sibilance
  • Provides maximum filtering while maintaining sonic transparency
  • Best setting for animated voice-overs

How the Acoustic Screens Adjust
Each acoustic screen's clips easily snap in and out of the 3-position screen holder. To remove a screen simply squeeze the clips and push the screen out of the screen holder. To replace simply push the screen into the screen holder.

Cleaning and Replacing the Acoustic Screens
Each screen can be cleaned with mild soap and water and air or blow-dried. If you lose or damage a screen, replacement screens are available. This saves you the cost of buying a new model.

Satisfaction Guarantee
If you are not satisfied with your VAC™ pop filter for any reason, return it for a refund of your purchase price.

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