VAC™ User Reviews and Endorsements

The VAC 6c pop screens provide a unique solution to the “How do I tame those damn plosives?” dilemma. You know, the overbearing “P” sounds that create huge low-end peaks on vocals when mics are in cardioid or figure of eight mode....

“Great sounding transparent pop filter that stops the pops and sibilance. A very well engineered product”

Brian Williams,
Lead Vocalist, Engineer and Producer
New York, NY

“Thanks for the VAC-3.5. It's wonderful. I've been doing voiceovers for 20 years and never knew about your company. My popper stopper is now in the trash! I was looking for a small screen, anyway, since the 6" screens basically suck for close-up vocals of any kind; they just don't disperse the same way, as you probably know.

I'm using my 3.5 (one screen) with an AKG Solidtube and it just sucks the words out of my mouth--flat with very little compression. I also have a Neuman TLM 103 and a Rode NT2 (not bad for the money). Anyway; I'm happy to recommend you to anyone who needs a new screen, again; great product.”

Sean Hall
Voiceover talent
Clients include CBS/Marketwatch, WQSR, NBC/Mutual, WTOP, Radio World, Nissan

“I just received one of your pop screens in the mail this week. What a God send. As soon as I placed it in front of my Telefunken u47, no more pops. The screen I had on before did not do a thing to prevent popping. Thanks for offering a wonderful solution to making my audio sound much better.”

Rick Hunter
Rick Hunter Voice Imaging

“I have received your Popless Voice Screen. It works great! Before I purchased your product, I used a ‘traditional’ pop filter made from two layers of nylon stocking stretched over an embroidery hoop. While this was better than nothing, percussive booms were still unacceptable. Every solution to the problem looked too costly for my very limited amateur budget, until I came across your product on the internet. I thought I'd give it a try.

I received your product in the mail on Thursday. On Friday I recorded voice over with the only microphone I own: a $200 stereo electret condenser. The results were startling. Not only were percussive booms and sibilance virtually eliminated, but also the dynamic range was compressed to a comfortable level, and the overall sound was surprisingly natural. I thought I'd need a new microphone to achieve such an impressive improvement in overall sound quality!

I am now completely ‘sold’ on your product. Your Popless Voice Screens give the best bang per buck, even for tightwad amateur recording enthusiasts like me!”

Morgan C. Davies

“Just wanted to drop a line and say how impressed I am with the Popless Voice Screens VAC-3.5c pop screen. The VAC-3.5c is built tough and the difference in sound quality next to a slip over foam windscreen is night and day. The sound is a lot brighter and cleaner. Plus it looks awesome with my Rode NTK. :) Once again, thanks for a GREAT product!”

Russ McLamb
Chris-Mar Studios
Commercials and Radio Imaging
Toll Free: 1-877-274-7627

“Dude...The Popless Voice Screens are amazing!!!! Just did some screaming right into my VAC-3.5 for a fresh drag race spot...check it out. THANKS SO MUCH FOR A GREAT PRODUCT.”

Jim Jakala
Ye Ole Monster Truck Guy

"We have found the demand for Popless Voice Screens VAC™ pop filters to be overwhelming. Our clients have always demanded the best sonic performance from our studios and the Popless Voice Screens enhances their ability to achieve the sound they are looking for."

Andrew Kautz,
President of Emerald Entertainment Group
Owners of Masterfonics and The Work Station In Nashville

“Business is great right now and I really have three companies to thank, and Popless Voice Screens is one of them. I'm still a satisfied customer and speak highly of your products to others; I hope they're listening. Right after I sent you the first email, I bought a Lawson L47MP Mark II microphone for my studio after working on some spots with a local producer. Lawson has created a remarkable remake of a Neumann U47. I quickly found out that the mic's capsule was so sensitive; the slightest plosives caused crackling pops - up close and personal.

The VAC-s3.5 with two filters maintained a consistently transparent sound and the full range of the mic just shined. What a difference two voice screens can make! I am a firm believer this has helped land large clients like Verizon. You make a great product and I'll be ordering the new mounting system when it is available

Kevin Genus

"I love the new VAC-s3.5 model. It works better than any other popper-stopper I've ever used, it adjusts easily and looks great!"

Edward Lifson
Host of ‘Hello Beautiful’, Chicago Public Radio

"On one day the VAC Filters went missing from our broadcast studios. The show hosts refused to track their stories until "their" VAC-RE20 Mic Filters were back in place! How's that for a sacred artifact?”

Dennis Foley
Senior Audio Producer
Marketplace Productions
Los Angeles, CA

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